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How does the DialMDs Program Work?

It's easy…

You can request a Physician consult over the phone or online (once you have completed your personal health history and disclosure form). A Physician will call you back within 1hr guaranteed and on avg. within 15 min.

The physician will complete consultation and recommend treatment, e-perscribe medications directly to your local pharmacy when needed.

The Physician will complete a patient encounter form and updates your Medical record for your primary care physician (if you have one) and is available to you via online portal

you can watch a short video about how it works here:

Are the Doctors certified?

Yes, all Doctors in the 1-800MD network that will handle your calls 24/7 are U.S. board certified and accredited by the NCQA.

Is this Health insurance?

No, this is not "health insurance" and should not be considered a replacement for insurance. However it can be effectively used to manage your families basic healthcare needs…

Will I still have a tax penalty if I enroll in this plan?

That depends. There are many exemptions to the mandate that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance The list of exemptions is rather long and you will need to submit a form to apply for the exemption, but many people, particularly those with modest incomes or that are undocumented aliens are eligible to receive an exemption.

For example, you would be eligible for an exemption if there isnt an Obamacare plan available to you on exchange or via employer that is less than 8% of our household income. If your household income was $20,000/yr, you would be eligible for an exemption if there wasnt’t a plan available for less than $133.33 per month. You would likely be exempt if single, and undoubtedly exempt if insuring additional family members.

Is this membership worthwhile if I already have health insurance?

Yes, DialMDs can still serve you well whether you have comprehensive health insurance coverage, "some" insurance or no insurance at all! For instance, you can't always get in to see your primary care physician or sometimes even speak to over the phone on the same day to answer a question --let alone within 15min. at 1 am. With DialMDs you can speak to a U.S> board certified Doctor within minute 24/7/365 to diagnose routine illnesses and prescribe medications if necessary. It can also provide valuable physician access you are traveling. The Doctor you speak with will transmit the medical record to your Primary Doctor at the conclusion of the call so your Doctor can stay in the loop. This works great alongside your existing health plan. In addition the healthcare discounts that the membership provides can always be used to reduce your out of pocket costs, and the wellness programs --such as having a personal wellness concierge -- are top notch and generally not included with traditional health insurance coverage.

What does the wellness concierge do?

Your Personal Wellness Concierge will help you navigate the plan's lifestyle benefits and continuously help you make the most of your membership. your concierge will ensures that you save time and money by assisting you with the most common health & wellness needs, including but not limited to:

  • Locating a provider for treatment (Doctor, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Routine Checkups, preventative such as mammogram, pap, etc. …)
  • Scheduling provider appointments
  • Negotiating lowest care options for services
  • Negotiating existing medical bills
  • Locating medical equipment at the lowest possible pricing
  • Locating the lowest possible price for medications resulting in FREE or reduced prices for medications.

How does the RX Savings Program Work?

In addition to the Prescription Discount Pan which saves our members on prescriptions when filled from local pharmacies, the WPA Concierge will work on the member's behalf to provide a Prescription Savings Cost Analysis of their available savings. If the WPA member is eligible for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Prescription Assistance Program, WPA charges a reasonable administrative fee starting at just $25 a month, per medication, plus offers members complimentary Prescription Advocacy Concierge service on ALL generic prescription medications.

What is a HealthAdvisor? How does it differ from the Wellness Concierge?

The HealthAdvisor team consists of naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists and personal trainers will answer your health-related questions for FREE. While a Health Advisor shouldn't be seen as a replacement for speaking with a Dr. for medical conditions, they will be more than happy to structure a diet, or exercise plan for you over the phone for example.

If I don't qualify for Obamacare plan am I eligible for this plan?

Yes, in fact if you are not eligible for an Obamacare plan via the Federal or state marketplace, -- if you are an illegal alien for example -- you are not only eligible for this membership plan, but it makes a lot of sense for you.

Can I be rejected due to health conditions?

No, 100% acceptance is guaranteed

Is there a limit to how often I can use the Dental, Vision & Prescription Drug Benefits?

Absolutely not. The amount of savings is uncapped. You can use this card as often as you need to and continue to save money each time.

When can I start using the benefits?

Your effective date will be the day after you enroll and make your first membership payment.