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How It Works... is not health insurance. It is a membership program that can help families and individuals affordably and effectively meet their routine healthcare needs. It has proven to be a great program for:
1) Families who find health insurance unaffordable — even with income based Obamacare subsidies
2) Those families & individuals that missed the Obamacare enrollment deadline
3) Undocumented residents not eligible for Obamacare plans and
4) Those currently insured but value the convenience of receiving care for routine illnesses 24/7 without spending hours in the waiting room.

The DialMDs bundle of benefits is inexpensive, convenient, and will save you money whenever you use it.

24/7 Doctor Access

The DialMDs membership provides you with unlimited access to US Board certified doctors 24/7/365 by phone or video conference — from the privacy of your home or anywhere in country. No waiting rooms. Doctors can diagnose, answer questions, and prescribe medication if necessary.

Healthcare Discounts

DialMDs provides deep discounts on healthcare services and supplies like prescription drugs, dental services, Vision, hearing, and more. In some cases, based on your income, we'll get you access to services and supplies at no cost!

Wellness Programs

The DialMDs membership plan includes state-of-the-art wellness programs including a wellness assessment, a personal wellness concierge, Rx savings program, weight loss program, exercise videos and more!


Concord, NC

My doctor couldn't get me in for 3 days, and the time slot didn't work. I spoke to A DialMDs network doctor in minutes, and within a couple hours I was able to pick up a simple prescription and on my way to feeling better.

Trenton, New Jersey

I rarely see the doctor, but If I'm not feeling well the last thing I want to do is sit in a waiting room around a bunch of sick people. The Telemed service worked great for me.

Dayton, Ohio

I have a health plan, but don't always have the time to take kids to urgent care if they don't feel well. is a great service along the health plan. Just for convenience, not to mention all the other discounts.

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